Let's Create a New Industry

coperative worldwide


Florida Sustainable Agriculture Cooperative, Inc is Starting a New Worldwide Industry worldwide  For the People, By the people.

You can be a Part  part of this FUN cooperative.

Or become a founder member of multi stakeholder cooperative.

3 sectors

Sectors are


Any fiber plants qualify, including all Industrial Hemp.

FSAC, Inc's purpose is to assist in any aspect of the members' business.

Education about growing or business, obtaining seeds, equipment, and products,

the building process and manufacturing facilities,

selling and shipping finished products to retail members.

FSAC, Inc is embracing the future, aka industrial revolution "4.0". It’s going to be as much of a jolt as industrial revolution "1.0".


* * *

In pre "1.0 "farming, only made step-changes to the Neolithic Revolution some 12,000 years before.

After "1.0", steam power and metalworking techniques developed and resulted in machined tools such as the iron plow and the threshing machine.

After "4.0", farmers can be on a cruise ship and watch the GPS-driven machines and play with them as though they are part of a Farming Simulator video game.

* * *

In pre "1.0" Britain imported 2.5 million pounds of raw cotton, most of which was spun and woven by cottage industry in Lancashire. The work was done by hand in workers' homes or occasionally in shops of master weavers.

After "1.0" raw cotton consumption was 22 million pounds, most of which was cleaned, carded and spun on machines.

After "4.0", smart factories will run (almost) by themselves.  Automated Assembly Machines (not AI) will perform industrial processes.

* * *

In Pre "1.0" society, child labor, dirty living conditions, and long working hours were standard.

After "1.0" society, not much had changed except the children worked on machines.

In Pre "4.0" society has been upgrading the work laws. Children, some younger than 12, still die in the construction, retail, government, and logging industries. 

In Post "4.0", what if a child electively plays a video game that constructs objects or building, talks through a robot when it can't answer a consumer's question, assists the legislature via smart computers. And what if all tree logging was replaced with fiber plant harvesting?

* * *

In pre "4.0" corporate executives are workers' masters.

In the post "4.0" workers are masters of worker cooperatives and the growers and manufacturers are masters of the Automated Assembly Machines.

* * *



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