About Florida Sustainable Agriculture Cooperative (FSAC Inc.)

FSAC Inc. is a Florida-based cooperative that was founded in October 2018. The organization's founders, Linda Bell Harrell (with HSAC Inc.) and Anesia Jackson (with HCF Corp.), have dedicated their lives to live out and delegate the FSAC Inc. mission, purpose, and annual goals. Both Ms. Harrell and Ms. Jackson wrote, agreed to, and formulated the FSAC Inc. Official Bylaws to be NON-COMPETITIVE and EQUAL in all business opportunities. 


FSAC Inc. Mission Statement:

The mission statement of FSAC Inc. is to formulate, initiate and operate a completely transparent system of operations for all industries of sustainable agriculture, and to deliver soil to store products within an efficient and effective program that is sustainable, renewable, and environmentally friendly. 


FSAC Inc. Purpose:

The purpose of FSAC Inc. is to collaborate with small businesses/large corporations within each industry of sustainable agriculture to work together in one multi-stakeholder cooperative using an AI Systematic approach. 


FSAC Inc. Goals:


  • 2019 Goals: FSAC Inc.'s goals for 2019 is to solidify the cooperative organization and start official member outreach by press releases, strategic marketing techniques, and specialized Member Workshops followed by a collaborative FSAC Inc. Industrial Member Conference at the end of the year. 
  • Long Term Goals: FSAC Inc.'s long-term goals are to successfully maintain all industries and allow businesses to work together within a swift program.  





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