Agriculture Blockchain

How much CBD does each cookie have?

What hemp strain? A good "quality hemp" strain?

What herbicides and pesticides were used on the plant?

       Or the seed?

What farm grew the plant? What are their farming practices? 

How much sugar or what kind of artificial sweetener was used?

What other ingredients were added? Any carcinogens?

What hemp strain?

What terpenoids are in it? What ratio?

How much heat, light, time, and exposure to air has the product had?

How was it extracted? When?

How long has this bottle been stored?

How long CBD oil will last from the date of purchase?

Consumers want to know.

Blockchain can connect breeders, seeders, packagers, delivery services, and anything else that will be visible for all. Consumers will have evidence of high-quality products and an entire network of followers and business associates.

Florida Sustainable Agriculture Cooperative, Inc

has its own blockchain.