Become a FSAC, Inc stakeholder

Our 2-Tier

Membership Program





TIER 1 - FSAC Inc. Basic Members

 The Beginning Stage of FSAC Inc. Involvement:

  • Registering as an FSAC Inc. Basic Member is the first step in becoming involved within our alternative industries. FSAC Inc. Basic Membership is made specifically to develop a relationship with the individuals who are thought leaders in the industry.
  • FSAC Inc. Basic Membership welcomes the general public to become an FSAC, Inc Influencer!  
    • An FSAC Inc. Influencer holds an important role as media advocacy for the cooperative. FSAC Inc. considers their Influencers as "Brandividuals," or someone who is expressing insightful information based on intelligence, experimentation, and observations. We want to hear from you by expressing tour industrial interests in inspiring content on to the Official FSAC Inc. Member Blog. 

TIER 2 - FSAC Inc. Stakeholders

 The Final Stage of FSAC Inc. Involvement:

  • Once your Stakeholder Application has been reviewed and approved by FSAC Inc. Administration, you can be an Official FSAC Inc. Industrial Member! Your company will be viewed as an industrial gear to achieving economic democracy within the alternative industries.  All FSAC Inc. Industrial Members work together in common goals such as environmental health, economic profitability, and social and economic equality.
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