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Starting a new industry is exciting, challenging. No instruction manuals exist. But unlike the previous breakout industries, we have step by step guide, a roadmap to success. We’re not alone. Every other cooperative will pitch in and help, with everything they have except money (they must protect for their stakeholders).

Starting a new industry plus ushering in the 4.0 industrial revolution is doubly challenging Not only do we need growers, but we need the equipment and training for precision farming. Not only do we need manufacturers, but we need equipment and training for smart machines. Not only do we need growers and manufacturers, but we need to build our market and explain the need and benefits for all of it. Think about Facebook and Apple, Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs didn’t just start a business, or offer a project, they defined the concepts of social networks and smartphones respectively as they stand now, ¬that is what makes starting a business in a new industry. It is fun, but not easy.

On the upside, if we get it right, we not only get to build a new industry, but a new economy of small businesses, and save the air, water soil of our planet for all our children and their children. We will write the rules of future business dealing, based on the 7 principles and the ethics rules.

If you want to be part of the fun, donate what you can, and we will keep you posted on the progress (but will never ask for more money).

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Florida Sustainable Agriculture Cooperative, Inc Gift Acceptance Policy This policy establishes requirements and procedures for the acceptance, acknowledgment, and administration of gifts (including bequests, devises of real property, legacies, and donations from living donors) to the Florida Sustainable Agriculture Cooperative, Inc (FSAC, Inc) in general or to support any of its specific activities or components. This policy applies to the receipt of all monetary and non-monetary (or in-kind) gifts accepted in conformance with local, state, and federal laws in force at time of gift. FSAC, Inc policy is to accept all monetary gifts, subject to any limitations imposed by applicable federal law, by HHS or FSAC, Inc. policies, or by the donor. FSAC, Inc. will accept monetary gifts in lieu of gifts in kind when feasible. FSAC, Inc. does not accept gifts if the conditions imposed by the donor are any of the following:• Illegal• Contrary to public policy• Unreasonable to administer• Contrary to generally accepted public standards• An actual conflict of interest • An apparent conflict of interest to a reasonable person In utilizing its gift acceptance authority, FSAC, Inc. determines whether acceptance of a gift would compromise or appear to compromise the integrity of FSAC, Inc. or any of its employees, require FSAC, Inc. to undertake activities unrelated to its mission, or exert influence over its priorities. Additionally, when determining whether to accept a gift, FSAC, Inc. must consider the identity of the immediate donor and may consider the identity of any entity that funds the donor. In order to accomplish these goals, FSAC, Inc. has an established requirement of a legal review for donations with possible conflicts of interest.
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