Florida Sustainable Agriculture Cooperative, Inc is a startup international multi stakeholder cooperative. 


Because nearly half the working population will be composed of millennials with the obsession of technology and will be starting and managing their own companies, the farming, manufacturing, education, and equipment sectors will stress that to them and institute member trips and parties, bonuses, open presentations by high-level executives. Some of the trips and parties will be to visit the different members in different countries. The open presentations by high-level leaders will be from respected people from across the globe, all giving Ted Talks” but also storytelling, entertainment, and physical challenges. The financial bonuses will, of course, be the patronage dividend. 

By doing this, Florida Sustainable Agriculture Cooperative, Inc implements the 7 Cooperative Principles 

1. Open and Voluntary Membership 

By visiting other members, some of the cooperatives, the benefits of openness and voluntary membership will resonate deeper,

 2. Democratic Member Control 

Participation will be stressed and expected. While visiting other countries and at events, the speakers will be encouraged to speak about their system of government and their reaction to being a cooperative. 

3. Members’ Economic Participation 

In addition to receiving the Patronage Dividend, an ongoing economic challenge will pique members’ interest: devising a perfect Economy and momentary/barter system.  

4. Autonomy and Independence 

Not only will the cooperative be autonomous and independent, but the concepts will be stressed throughout the sectors and individual members, and in education. 

5. Education, Training, and Information 

The fun of learning and doing is the thread that runs through FSAC, Inc 

6. Cooperation Among Cooperatives 

  • Cooperation will be integrated from and by every stakeholder. No one person or entity will be recognized for its individual accomplishment, but how that invention/software/method can help the cooperative. 
  • Cooperation among members of the same sector will be emphasized by events 
  • Cooperation among members of different sectors will be emphasized by events 
  • Cooperation with non-member cooperatives will be emphasized by joint events 
  • application to become a stakeholder 
  • Potential members will be introduced to as many existing members and reviewed for his/her cooperation. (This also establishes an instant network) 
  • Contacting any member for guidance is encouraged. 
  • Mentoring any member who wishes it is encouraged. 

7. Concern for Community 

Assisting sections of the community that the member is uncomfortable with will be the golden thread—and the only individual recognition. 


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